Flying Ducks, butterfly wall decals, stag heads and other non jewellery items

EMI records yellow and pink wing tipped butterfly wall decorations cut from EMI records. Click here to view listing in my Etsy shop or to purchase

A set of 3 hand cut butterflies from pre loved vinyl records. 2 with pink labels and one with yellow.
These are so easy to put up and can be moved multiple times. Just stick them up with a small lump of blu tack ( Included )
A happy edition to a wall space.
For indoors as bright sunlight & rain will damange over time.
These measure appox 10cm x 9cm
This listing is for a set of 3
A lovely housewarming gift for a music lover.
Stag heads made to custom order. Send an Email to if interested in having one made for you. Usual cost approx £150 plus postage.