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I was amazed to have a lovely surprise a few weeks ago, when I got an email from See.Me saying that my work had been selected to go on exhibit for 7 weeks in New York. My Dad, very generously offered to fly my out there, so I could see this in person, but due to it being prime time for flights they are very expensive & as I have pain & mobility issues ( unpredictable body quirks!), I felt it was best to stay at home & get as much stuff made & listed on my website here as I could, in the hopes that this exposure would bring in a flock of orders.
I would, of course have loved to have been at the opening on July 25th at The Angel Orensanz Centre but instead tried to do a piece of vinyl art. I finished my vinyl stags head last night & will post pictures of how it turned out soon. It did push my cutting skills to the limit, but I am happy with the results. Oh, back to exhibit! It is on now & runs from July 25th – September 10th 2013 at the Long Island Gallery. I am hoping so very much that See.Me might also select me for their exhibition in Paris in November….could I be that lucky? If I get selected for that I will go & stay for a month! This is my See.Me profile if you’d like to have a look & it would be awesome if I can get some more supporters on my profile there.https://www.see.me/pages/panel#work Sometimes though trying to support people on this site, can be a bit of hastle, sometimes it is as easy as a quick click. I do not want anyone to try to support me if they are not comfortable doing so. If anyone reads this & is in New York & goes to the Long Island Gallery, I’d love you to send me any photos. My email is tracy@vinyljustice.com The exhibition is not physical items, but high resolution images projected on the walls. This will show 3 images of works done by photographers, sculptors, and various other mediums of creative arts from 103 different countries. I wonder what it looks like! Delighted to be involved.

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