Bob Marley giving credits to No Woman No Cry to keep Soup Kitchen open.

I just learnt of this beautiful thing this week.

Writing credit[edit]
Though Bob Marley may have written the song,[1][2] or at least the melody,[3] songwriter credits were given to Vincent Ford, a friend of Marley’s who ran a soup kitchen in Trenchtown, the ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica where Marley grew up. The royalty checks received by Ford ensured the survival and continual running of his soup kitchen.[4]
The title and main refrain, “No Woman, No Cry” is rendered “No, woman, nuh cry” in Jamaican Patois. The “nuh” is pronounced with a short schwa vowel (a “mumbled” vowel, often represented as “uh” in spelling) and represents a clitic (“weakened”) form of “no”. It is the equivalent to the contraction “don’t”. The song is about growing up in the ghetto and persuading a woman that things will get better, entreating her not to cry.[5] ( From Wikipedia).
Bob made a whole lotta people feel better & continues to do that today as his music lives on. A beautiful thing!

Willie Nelson gets 5th grade black belt at age 81……. respect!

This mornings Telegraph had an article that made me smile about the legend, that is Willie Nelson.
Aged 81 he gets his 5th grade black belt in a martial Gong Kwon Yu Sul . Pretty impressive for anyone getting any martial art black belt, but at 81……respect!
I have been having a little look to see what else I can gather on Willie Nelsons life. I feel that I should know more about such a huge figure in music.
From Wikipedia I have learnt that Willie owns his own bio diesel brand, Willie Nelson bio diesel.
Between 1954-1956 he studies agriculture at Baylor University.
I have found trailers for, but not the full documentary of a project he was involved in for a community garden in LA. Welcome to Eden. In 1992, following the riots in LA, in an attempt to heal wounds with Central South, The City Council voted to set aside a 14 acre site for use as a community garden. At the time of making this documentary the area was potentially to be bulldozed down for a warehouse for Wallmart. Here is a link to documentary trailer
Wille Nelson is Co- Chair on advisory board for National Organization for reform on mariquana ( No surprises there! Long live Willie! Roll em up & smoke me when I die“>
Willie Nelsons lung collapsed in 1981 when he was swimming in Hawaii & after that and several bouts of pneumonia he decided he had to give up either tobacco or Marijuana so in 2008 he stated to smoke marijuana in a carbon free method as to avoid smoke to his lungs.
Willie has been married four times & has seven children.
Nelson is advocate also to the better treatment of horses campaigning for the passage for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
May Willie & his guitar Trigger keep on going for years to come.

Fabulous Pathe footage of The Rolling Stones, hitch hiking.

Fabulous footage. I came so damn close one night to being Mick Jaggers waitress for the night when I worked in Browns in George Street. I was the only waitress with a free table left & he went into the restaurant next door & got turned away!!! He then went over the road for a drink instead. If he had only come next door, what a night it would have been as far as I was concerned. So close, but no cigar!

If your in New York

I was amazed to have a lovely surprise a few weeks ago, when I got an email from See.Me saying that my work had been selected to go on exhibit for 7 weeks in New York. My Dad, very generously offered to fly my out there, so I could see this in person, but due to it being prime time for flights they are very expensive & as I have pain & mobility issues ( unpredictable body quirks!), I felt it was best to stay at home & get as much stuff made & listed on my website here as I could, in the hopes that this exposure would bring in a flock of orders.
I would, of course have loved to have been at the opening on July 25th at The Angel Orensanz Centre but instead tried to do a piece of vinyl art. I finished my vinyl stags head last night & will post pictures of how it turned out soon. It did push my cutting skills to the limit, but I am happy with the results. Oh, back to exhibit! It is on now & runs from July 25th – September 10th 2013 at the Long Island Gallery. I am hoping so very much that See.Me might also select me for their exhibition in Paris in November….could I be that lucky? If I get selected for that I will go & stay for a month! This is my See.Me profile if you’d like to have a look & it would be awesome if I can get some more supporters on my profile there. Sometimes though trying to support people on this site, can be a bit of hastle, sometimes it is as easy as a quick click. I do not want anyone to try to support me if they are not comfortable doing so. If anyone reads this & is in New York & goes to the Long Island Gallery, I’d love you to send me any photos. My email is The exhibition is not physical items, but high resolution images projected on the walls. This will show 3 images of works done by photographers, sculptors, and various other mediums of creative arts from 103 different countries. I wonder what it looks like! Delighted to be involved.

Good Vibrations and discovering Terri Hooley

I saw this fabulous film 2 nights ago & still feel uplifted & inspired by it. How I had never heard of the legend that is Terri Hooley before surprises me, but I have now also bought his book Hooligan expecting it to be a great read. I liked this man’s attitude so much. “The Troubles ” in Northern Ireland made Terri’s life ( and of course, so many others ) very dangerous. His amazing attitude to stand up & brilliantly unite people, regardless of their religious beliefs/upbringings in my mind deserve a Nobel Peace Prize! Good Vibrations is a feel good film about hard times in Northern Ireland, the power of music to unite & just the sheer power that music has.
I know that when John Peel gave airplay to Teenage Kicks, he did something he had never done before on air & played it twice in a row..5.56 seconds of joy, it did bring a tear of happy emotion to me in the picture house. The music industry is a tough one, Terri was rejected, threatened, beaten up but kept going in what he has such a passion & belief in. I respect this man no end & would recommend this film to anyone…….go see it!
This is Terri Hooley at The Belfast Film Festival Launch
And the real Terri Hooley singing Big Time with Rudi Terri Hooley now added to my list of inspiring hero’s.

Ticket touts denying Wilko & his fans the farewell he deserves

Whilst trying to buy myself a ticket for one of Wilko Johnsons farewell gigs, I came across this woman, Deborah Harris & saw how touts have been snapping up these tickets. Touting with huge mark up is wrong anyway, but hell Wilko has the right to do this gig his way. It is wrong for touts to rape him of this by re selling tickets so expensively that the crowd will not be the real, true crowd that should be there.
Deborah got this piece in a local paper the other day.

She has also now uploaded this onto you tube, hoping it will go viral, to at least raise awareness of yet another way of how those with money & no passion can deny those with little money & a lot of passion of the simple yet important things in life.
If you cannot see the video, you can also sin the petition here They do suggest a donation after you have voted, this is not mandatory & do not let it put you off. They rely on donations & If someone wants to & can afford to then fine, otherwise do not stress about it.

Will Wilko pull off his farewell tour? Wilco will

Will Wilko pull off his farewell tour? Wilco will
You’ve probably heard the news about Wilko Johnson by now. Tours planned for April & I am sure Wilko Will get through the tour & do it in true rock’n'roll style. I must get a ticket for his Edinburgh gig. Without doubt it will an incredible gig, will a who lot of love in the room. Go Wilko……………This is his amazing BBC interview today, on how cancer has made him feel strangely alive.

Wilko Johnson: ‘Terminal cancer has made me feel alive’

Johnson has played with Dr Feelgood, Ian Dury’s Blockheads and his own group, The Wilko Johnson Band
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Johnson announces farewell tour
Dr Feelgood guitarist has cancer
Wilko Johnson has spoken of the strange “euphoria” he has experienced since being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The former Dr Feelgood guitarist said the news made him feel “vividly alive” – and lifted the bouts of depression he had previously experienced.

But Johnson told Radio 4′s Front Row programme he would cancel his planned farewell gigs if he began to feel sick.

The 65-year-old revealed earlier this month that he was suffering from terminal cancer of the pancreas.

He told Front Row’s John Wilson: “I noticed the symptoms a few months ago – there was this lump in my stomach. I treated it by ignoring it and hoping it would go away.

“When I went in for the diagnosis and the doctor told me ‘You’ve got cancer’ it was quite plain it was an inoperable thing, there was nothing they could do.

“We walked out of there and I felt an elation of spirit. You’re walking along and suddenly you’re vividly alive. You’re looking at the trees and the sky and everything and it’s just ‘whoah’.

“I am actually a miserable person. I’ve spent most of my life moping in depressions and things, but this has all lifted.”

Johnson explained he was given nine or 10 months to live and refused chemotherapy when it was clear it might only add another two months to his life.

“I just wanna know how long I’m gonna feel like this, which is absolutely fine,” he said.

Johnson is due to play four dates in France at the beginning of February, followed by three successive nights at the Greystones pub in Sheffield.

His farewell tour concludes with dates in London, Bilston, Holmfirth and Glasgow in March.

But he admitted: “If the cancer kicks in before that, then I can’t go on stage. I’m not going to go on stage looking ill – I don’t wanna present a sorry spectacle!

“This position I’m in is so strange, in that I do feel fit and yet I know death is upon me.

“I’m not hoping for a miracle cure or anything. I just hope it spares me long enough to do these gigs – then I’ll be a happy man.”

While admitting saying goodbye to people was hard, Johnson insisted he did not feel down about his condition.

“I am a feather for each wind that blows and the wind’s blowing me this way now. But yet I still retain this marvellous feeling of freedom,” he said.

Wilko Johnson was speaking to the BBC’s John Wilson
“The things that used to bring me down, or worry me, or annoy me, they don’t matter anymore – and that’s when you sit thinking ‘Wow, why didn’t I work this out before? Why didn’t I work out before that it’s just the moment you’re in that matters?’

“Worrying about the future or regretting the past is just a foolish waste of time. Of course we can’t all be threatened with imminent death, but it probably takes that to knock a bit of sense into our heads.”

Johnson, who also played with Ian Dury’s Blockheads and the Wilko Johnson Band, lost his wife, Irene, to cancer eight years ago.

He admitted: “I’m still prone to bursting into tears thinking about her, but I’ve never come anywhere near that thinking about myself.

“Right now it’s just fantastic – it makes you feel alive. Just walking down the street you really feel alive.

“Every little thing you see, every cold breeze against your face, every brick in the road, you think ‘I’m alive, I’m alive’ – I hope I can hang onto that.

“I’ve had a fantastic life. When I think about the things that have happened to me and the things I’ve done, I think anybody who asks for more would just be being greedy. I don’t wanna be greedy.”

You can hear the full interview with Wilko Johnson on Radio 4′s Front Row at 19:15 on 25 January.

What have the B52′s got in mind?

B52′s shared a teaser on facebook this evening, thet posted We’re cookin’ up some good stuff for this summer…
Just sayin’!
Could this mean a new album? Tour plans. I do not know, it could be anything at all, but I regret not seeing them when I had my chance in the 80′s.
Maybe they could play Glastonbury! How good would that be, I cannot wait to see the full line up for this year when it is announced. So much speculation of The Smiths & The Rolling Stones. This year is going to be good, that’s for sure. :)