Necklace and earring sets

Motown Yesteryear necklace and earring set click here to view listing on my Etsy shop or to purchase this set

A necklace & earring set hand cut from a pre loved vinyl record on the iconic Motown

This set has soul. The pictures show the earrings front & back, wear them which way round you choose if you want to change the hook round. They are presently thread for front image and I can change them round if messaged on purchase if you prefer the back.
The heart measures 3 inches x 2 inches and the earrings are 2 inches long.
The label has been varnished to help protect it from moisturisers and damp.
Both the necklace and earrings are on bronze colour chain and hoops with the necklace chain length being 18″.
A fab gift for a lover of Motown music.
Plectrum/pick shaped necklace and earring set on bronze chain with red roses and birds. Click here to view this item in my Etsy shop or to purchase

A romantic set for a music lover.
The red vinyl ( pre-loved record ) has been hand cut & finished in the size / shape of a pick / plectrum. They are on bronze chain and have red rose attached. The necklace also has bronze birds on the chain that measures 18 inches in length. The earrings measure approx 2.5 inches.
A sweet and romantic gift for a musician or music lover, and would really suit someone with rockerbilly style dress tastes.
Motown Records petit hearts necklace and earring set. Hand cut from pre-loved Motown records. Click here to view this listing on my Etsy shop or to purchase

A pair of heart earrings and a necklace set that has been hand cut from a vinyl record on the Motown label.
The hearts measure approx 1.5″ x 1.5″ and are on a few links of bronze colour chain with bronze hoops. The necklace has bronze swallowtail birds attached to the chain.
The label has had a light coat of varnish to protect it from moisturisers & damp, but I would not recommend wearing these in the shower else the label will damage if it gets too wet.
A fab gift set for a woman who loves Motown music.