Willie Nelson gets 5th grade black belt at age 81……. respect!

This mornings Telegraph had an article that made me smile about the legend, that is Willie Nelson.
Aged 81 he gets his 5th grade black belt in a martial Gong Kwon Yu Sul . Pretty impressive for anyone getting any martial art black belt, but at 81……respect!
I have been having a little look to see what else I can gather on Willie Nelsons life. I feel that I should know more about such a huge figure in music.
From Wikipedia I have learnt that Willie owns his own bio diesel brand, Willie Nelson bio diesel.
Between 1954-1956 he studies agriculture at Baylor University.
I have found trailers for, but not the full documentary of a project he was involved in for a community garden in LA. Welcome to Eden. In 1992, following the riots in LA, in an attempt to heal wounds with Central South, The City Council voted to set aside a 14 acre site for use as a community garden. At the time of making this documentary the area was potentially to be bulldozed down for a warehouse for Wallmart. Here is a link to documentary trailer
Wille Nelson is Co- Chair on advisory board for National Organization for reform on mariquana ( No surprises there! Long live Willie! Roll em up & smoke me when I die“>
Willie Nelsons lung collapsed in 1981 when he was swimming in Hawaii & after that and several bouts of pneumonia he decided he had to give up either tobacco or Marijuana so in 2008 he stated to smoke marijuana in a carbon free method as to avoid smoke to his lungs.
Willie has been married four times & has seven children.
Nelson is advocate also to the better treatment of horses campaigning for the passage for the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act.
May Willie & his guitar Trigger keep on going for years to come.

Fabulous Pathe footage of The Rolling Stones, hitch hiking.

Fabulous footage. I came so damn close one night to being Mick Jaggers waitress for the night when I worked in Browns in George Street. I was the only waitress with a free table left & he went into the restaurant next door & got turned away!!! He then went over the road for a drink instead. If he had only come next door, what a night it would have been as far as I was concerned. So close, but no cigar!