Good Vibrations and discovering Terri Hooley

I saw this fabulous film 2 nights ago & still feel uplifted & inspired by it. How I had never heard of the legend that is Terri Hooley before surprises me, but I have now also bought his book Hooligan expecting it to be a great read. I liked this man’s attitude so much. “The Troubles ” in Northern Ireland made Terri’s life ( and of course, so many others ) very dangerous. His amazing attitude to stand up & brilliantly unite people, regardless of their religious beliefs/upbringings in my mind deserve a Nobel Peace Prize! Good Vibrations is a feel good film about hard times in Northern Ireland, the power of music to unite & just the sheer power that music has.
I know that when John Peel gave airplay to Teenage Kicks, he did something he had never done before on air & played it twice in a row..5.56 seconds of joy, it did bring a tear of happy emotion to me in the picture house. The music industry is a tough one, Terri was rejected, threatened, beaten up but kept going in what he has such a passion & belief in. I respect this man no end & would recommend this film to anyone…….go see it!
This is Terri Hooley at The Belfast Film Festival Launch
And the real Terri Hooley singing Big Time with Rudi Terri Hooley now added to my list of inspiring hero’s.