Capitols in the bag

This vinyl business of mine is still very much in the early days. I love all aspects of this work & am just about making it viable as a just get by, sustainable business that is still manageable with a couple of physical glitches that I have. This I would much prefer than a ( job ) which pays for a higher standard of living. A high standard of living, is a high standard of calm & happiness & less stress than a high pressure job. There is satisfaction that what I do is ethical, no more selling my soul working for businesses that make you feel uncomfortable with what you do. I am grateful in that one way for my neuromuscular disorder as it has led me to do this as a means of earning some income.
So, the facebook page likes are slowly increasing, a handful of boutiques / shops stocked & getting to do more markets.
Getting up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning to drive to a nice bar or hotel to set up a stall with like minded people, often with lot’s of great music playing too, happy faces circulating the market & these are most often the best dressed people you ever see.
The vintage markets are nice ways to spend a few hours relaxing whilst you are working…..hobbies or passions as your work is a total bonus.
So, Edinburgh shops have been pretty well networked. I need to try & get a few shops in Glasgow to stock my vinyl next. I think there are a few vintage shops along Byres Road that I need to check out.
Markets have been done in Edinburgh & Glasgow. The Out of The Blue Drill Hall is a great venue, especially for shoppers with young children as it has a good cafe there & is very child friendly, tons of events in this place, an important venue for Edinburgh Arts & Leith as a community. Markets there around 4 times a year.
Gin in Teacups is another favourite market I do. These are Either in Voodoo Rooms this is my favourite venue for regular markets & the food here is also of highly acceptable quality. Gin in Teacups also on monthly at The Arches in Glasgow I like the sound of the trains rattling overhead in this place.
Additions to this list of vintage & craft markets in Edinburgh & Glasgow will be in my next post. There are many steps to set up & start your business, the things you are less good at often by nature will get left until last. Blogging is not something I am so good at, but this is an important way of networking & getting new visits to your website, so I am making an attempt from now to post on here at least 3 times a week to get into the habit of blogging as a natural part of my working week.