New products…rings, brooches, plectrum style earrings & necklaces on brass chain.

New products
I now have rings & brooches available to purchase through this website & am also now making necklaces on antique brass chain. Plectrum style earrings will be added to listings soon too. I have been making plectrum necklaces for a while & I don’t know why but plectrum earrings just occurred to me last night.
Here is an example of what they look like:

Updates to website for purchasing online

I am fortunate enough to have a brother who builds websites & has kindly set this one up for me & today also started to teach me how to list my products including a buy it now options available. I have done 1 product today which to me felt a bit like defusing a bomb! as I am not very technical….I have a good teacher though & intend to upload 1 item minimum a day until I have mastered how to do this without asking for reminders on what to do. By the end of this week I intend to have at least a couple of each of my products uploaded with a buy it ┬ánow option being available to anyone wanting to buy some of my recycled vinyl products. This may not sound like much work, but it is a big learning curve for me & the rest of my time is being spent cutting, sanding, varnishing, stitching….and getting kind advice from other makers who have been very encouraging & supportive of me trying to build up this small business for my self…..If you have read this far, then thank you & bear with me whilst I continue to tweek & build upon my website & expand upon my range of products. By the end of January I am expecting to have a wide range of available products purchasable & be able to constantly restock any sales that come in.

Happy New Year to anyone reading this x