Welcome to Vinyl Justice

Welcome to my Vinyl Justice website………

My name is Tracy or Suzi Gunn depending on my mood. I like to recycle as much as I can & I LOVE VINYL…SO…I have been making jewellery & bags out of records that I either do not wish to play or are too damaged to play on my beautiful dancette.

I adore the crackles of playing vinyl & the fun that I can still have looking at often very funny record sleeves………….By doing what I do, i.e rummaging through piles of records in charity shops & car boot sales for records to cut up, I have come across some gems that normally I would have missed out on. I shall add a section to this site soon of pictures of class covers that I have come across on my vinyl justice mission.

I make necklaces & handbags I started by making gun necklaces…….45′s out of 45′s seemed so obvious to me & a broken record & a broken heart is another jewellery theme, plectrum / pick shapes are used a lot especially for earrings and cuff links that I lovingly cut by hand & more suitable for the boys than hearts!

Please browse through my pictures and the shop pages & if you would like a commission order, I will willingly attempt to fulfill your request.

Good vinyl should never die!